Waiting for my Muse called Love

by iyv

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released April 5, 2002



all rights reserved


iyv Treviso, Italy

IYV / alternative rock band (2001).

“Waiting for my Muse called Love” (2002)
“Indaco / Yellow / Violet” (2005)
“I killed Someone” (2016)

Emergenza Festival (2004) final
Emergenza Festival (2005) final
“Volkswagen - Miti della Musica” with Red Ronnie (2005)

Anything You Are - 2K5 Everytime Grey Emergency Italy.
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Track Name: Waiting to find
there is darkness shining to say
so easily you want me to stay
there are no more so called loving crowds
all rising to make me retry

when I don't want to pay your eyes
waiting to lie
and if you've come to stay alive
waiting to die
there is no nest turn to me
I feel like waiting to pray
there is no long noise trail
I feel like hating to hide

and how I came to stare your eyes
waiting to find
Track Name: Lonely friend
I'm sinking now
for what you've done
tonight you've left everything for me
I'd never want
Cause you'd better look around not in me
and show your face in all your grace
my shining smile is not what it seems
forget the words told by a fool and words that I speak

lonely friend
you only know what I have
you only give what I gave
cause I gave everything to you

my heart is cold
I'm twenty-four
and my love unknown and meaningless seems
to not vanish for a moment
and I've lost myself to believe
that everything you tell me is a lie
I'm surrounding with my sorrow again

cause I gave everything and everything was given to you
what I gave was right to give away
Track Name: My falling one
what have you loved
my falling one
searching the same
I've sought for you alone
and now you're done
like I were telling you a lie
and breathing all the air
from that hole you're never coming out

I know there's a little place somehow
filled in with everything you draw
and I hope someday you'll be pushing to let me in
and I'll see you will be never falling down alone

if I’d been true
unwelcome now
too late to hide in
and too late to drown it all
and when some fun
was a thing amid you and I
singing of the end
could be something I had never done

and I see we'll never turn this place into heaven
and I said you wanted to wake me better than all around
and I'll see

I know there's a little place somehow
filled in with everything you draw
and I hope that someone’s day you will be pushing to let me in
and you'll see you will be never falling down alone
Track Name: Disappear
Growing flowers you've found today
like my mirror when it sees my face
don't you see that is almost real
to find myself in hiding

when I got you in my spires
you will never tell me goodbye
while I'm waiting till that moment
I'll never lose my love again
it's alright

when you find my way you'll never disappear
when you see the rain she'll never coming down

find my love is the better way
to feel free from my own pain
you just have to wait and stare
I'll come to put an end to this
it's alright

when I find your way you'll never disappear
when you see the rain she'll never coming down
when you find my way everything someday will flourish

when you find my way you'll never disappear
when you see the rain she'll never coming down
when you find my way something will disappear from your mind
it's alright
Track Name: Guessing who you are
It's out of my range myself complete
fallen down means now reached
it's all so smart
you're selfish, ephemeral at all
you're making up all my lack
my lack

what I said is what I thought of you and now I feel it again
now you're right in front of my face
I will look in you
I'll be like you
and every time I will endure this

I am guessing now who you are

It's out of my love your own regret
following you now means I'm hated
get off my hands and you'll be safe
till this thing is over
I am guessing who is me

until the day you'll be beside me
Track Name: Let the rain in
Little Star I'll stare at you
in the sky you're my most shining
when you enlighten me I'm amused
when confused I feel unlighted
with compliance I will store
every feeling that I've loved

want to find me as I was gone?
want to let all the rain in?
want to lain near me to be satisfied?

Little Star I'll look at you
when you're obscured I'm never rising
your significance's so cute
I would never see you falling
know you'll never find someone
who loves you as I loved you everyday passed by

when I find your hand in mine
the color of my shape is blurred
you're made of gold, hard like steel
when you meet my falling knees
Track Name: Muse
I know there is left someone else
that will understand everything of me
and maybe he'll tell me about that everything
if there's something that I want to be

cause what I will want it's just this feelings out of me
cause every time I walk this line I cannot see

but if you'll call my name you'll never turn into gray and make my love flourish
but it's all right if you’ll never call and stay apart to lay you down
Track Name: Pleased
Pleased for this mercy I will see my place
too long unlistened I'll hear my voice
and I'll stay and wait for you to call my name

I know you'll find me

Now I've unleashed my hands
and I can touch yours again
without a wait for you to reach me

even if I know you'll find me

when this time I'll call my fate
and I'll see it is not real
I'll see the sunset going away
but the moon will shine again
Track Name: Lie
are what you think it's mine
when I am in silence
why do I tell a lie
When you
say these words they are lies
waiting just the time
when you say goodbye

you're selling off your lies

all these hands they're falling
waiting for me to follow them
to let them feel better than me
all my sins I'll go on
and when I'll see you hiding
I will just know why

you're selling off your lies

why are you selling off your lies

Dear, there is so much to learn
it's better to save your words
in my new angel-world I'll been waiting for your lies

why are you selling off your lies
Track Name: Ghost
I don't want a funeral sending me
in heaven like a smiling ghost
I want to live I don't want to die without
your hand in mine and this is not my fault

now your hands are laid or fallen
you're resin-covered you're calling my
name into the sores of mess
could I have a ray of light

would you take these words of mine?

I want to live why don't you set me free
in following you I'm dissolute
I want to clear myself lying
hold your inapt head
I feel older but the same one I ain't going to pray

want your heaven just to store you in?
I've closed my fist just to find out
how with your hands you're cutting yourself
and the others hidden stare at you

would you take these words of mine?

Hiding, searching is what I like to find you out
what's my first uncovered love and why you hide?
I should live like you hide
Track Name: When I call your name tonight
What do you see now?
my heart is opened
you're shining and I'm in the same old way
I will sit down here
watching time pass by
and I swear I'll look into your eyes

when I saw you I was caressed
when I watched you on my same way
when I told you just to say goodbye

when I call your name tonight
lost in mine I've found yourself was right
want you spend another day with me?

Another eye
for another tear
they're lost on the ground with dust and mild scratches
say another word
say another thing for me
I'll take care of you this night

when I see you I am caressed
I will bring you on my same way
and you'll never have to say goodbye
Track Name: Lover
Heart has been wounded by a secret
talk to me I'll see your way
we are lovers without a reason
another season is passing by

don't lose yourself

and watch along the path you have to find to fall in love with me

hoping this time you're not going away
feeling just like I have missed you again
sorry for things I've never been
in my own life
I've never been so scared
in my own life

I love you so much to stop drink it on
even if I know it has no meaning
cause the only thing that's meaningful to me
it's how I'll be a lover for you

don't lose myself

and watch along the way you have to follow to fall in love with me